In a hurricane, the eye is the place to take a breath, get a reprieve. Before the rest of the shit hits the fan. Living in a hurricane is not sustainably productive – no one can live continually in fight / flight / freeze. Eventually your body will stop you.

Live footage of my Tuesday.
Not really, more like a Florida weather report.

We cannot stop the hurricane, but we can look for the eye. We can pause in the eye. We can create more space in the eye. Not just during the hurricane that is COVID-19, but the hurricane that is life sometimes.

That is what my intention is for this weekly series. Here is my vision:

  1. Scheduled. Posts will release on Tuesdays because as mentioned before – Tuesday sucks. This also will give us something to look forward to. According to research on happiness, people enjoy looking ahead much more than looking back. The joy of anticipation will be part of our reprieve.
  2. Brief. Because seriously – we should be working, studying, looking for a job, washing our hands, etc. Ain’t nobody got time for a long read.
  3. Collaborative. Together we are better. Yes, I am an introvert, but I have come to appreciate the value of having a tribe. If you have something that brightens your day, helps you stop and take a breath, or just fills your tank – send it to me!

For today, I will go first. Let’s pause in the eye, bring the breath down into our body and calm the chaos in our minds. Let’s do the needful to make a Sustainable You!

This is the phlox that is in a giant patch at the end of my driveway. It blooms for about 2 months every spring. I love it because it is like a welcoming beacon whenever we return home!