Rating – 3 stars (would have done 3.75 if Goodreads allowed partial stars).

Cliff Notes – This was a sweet little book that round house kicks you in the head with its turn of phrase when you are not looking. North Carolina author.

Full Review – I admire when a male author can nail a female point of view so well. Would have rated higher but it just got wordy when it didn’t need to be. Some of the phrases from the characters were just gut punches and I loved them.

“Mother’s grief was a well that dried up so slowly that it eventually became useless to her, meaning that it had run it course and no longer had a purpose.” 

“The only exceptions for which we turn our heads, offer no understanding, and willingly excommunicate all offenders are sickness and aging. We can tolerate neither so we do our best to obliterate both. Poverty could also be on that list, although at least money and resources can remedy that. But as Mama always says, ‘I don’t care you who you are, Sick and Old are coming to see you whether you invite em or not.’