Sustainable Sue Travels for Work

While travel is fun, I love being home so so much. But you know what is rude? Reading a book while eating dinner with your loved ones. Or anyone really. 

Therefore, when I travel alone I indulge all my bookish, introverted habits. Here is a sneak peak into how a Sustainable Sue travels for work.

Coming and Going

It starts in the airport – where no one is in control over anything. I always hit the Read and Return for a book. Sometimes the airport has surprises like this one did with its wall of Jelly Belly candy dispensers. Cotton candy jelly beans and a book? Yes please!


I often hear people – especially women – say that they would never eat in a restaurant alone. They say that they would feel too weird, like people were staring at them. This is why I take along 4-5 close friends in whatever book I am reading at the moment. Choosing to eat WHATEVER I want, WHENEVER I want it, then reading while I eat? Yes please!

Business of Work

Of course the purpose for the travel is to get work done. While this usually requires onsite at a facility, sometimes since travel spits me out at weird times I have flexibility to work outside of a facility for a block of the day. I cannot be trusted in a hotel room alone with HGTV so I love to find a library to work in. Coffee shops are fun too, but I find larger tables at the library. Library energy and a latte? Yes please!

Sustainable You Reflections

When you know you have a less than comfortable situation coming up (travel or just going to the grocery story – whatever it is for you), what can you do to soften the blow?

Until next time remember to create productive results in a way that you can sustain and that work for you. 

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If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

When I want to give someone tough love, one of my favorite phrases is: If nothing changes… Nothing changes.

Ouch, I know, right?!

But this week I want to keep things more on the lighter side. If you listen to the Sustainably Productivity podcast, you know Bixby and I traveled to Italy to see our eldest in the second half of April. I felt such awe for the age, history, and culture of all of the cities we visited. I am still rolling that around in my head.

Today I want to talk about how we are quite similar to the Italians who lived thousands of years ago. It reminded me of the Us Weekly Magazine segment: “Stars – They’re Just Like Us!”

Let’s take a little tongue in cheek tour to see how when nothing changes, nothing changes.

We All Have Unfinished Projects

This is a statue of two children playing a game they invented. There is supposed to be a third child in the empty space on the platform. Sort of reminds me of all of the craft projects I have piled on my desk, waiting on the spare bed, and swirling in my brain. Can you relate?

They Don’t Always Take Care of Their Books

Libreria Acqua Alta is a bookstore in Venice that obviously has books that have not survived the floods there. They turned it into a tourist attraction of sorts (successfully – as you can see). I don’t know about you, but sometimes I put books face down on the table or bed. I have been known to dog ear pages – even in library books in an emergency and if it is a physical book I own, I mark it up as needed. Do you have a book confession?

They are Extra About Their Pets

At the same time we were looking at these incredible statues of greyhounds in the square in the Oltrarno neighborhood of Florence, Lucille was living her best life in a pet boarding place where she swam in a pool every day with other dogs and ended her day with a Frosty Paws before bed. How do you spoil your pet?

They Screw Up on Large Projects

Obviously, the photo above is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But did you know there is a different tower that actually leans MORE than this famous one? The photo below is the Garisenda in Bologna. It leans twice as much as the debacle in Pisa, yet it is seldom spoken of. We did not know about it until we walked past it on our visit.

The wide open field and beautiful grounds in Pisa sure make for a prettier picture. I guess that is another way this ancient civilization was like us – the valuation of beauty and its photo op. Reading up on the cause and impact of these architectural and construction debacles has been interesting. And makes me feel a little better when I make a mistake at my job. What have you bungled today?

They Dedicated Space for Hobbies

This is the ancient writing space for royalty in ancient Italy. I love that there is a window nearby. Looks very similar to my writing nook. Do you have a dedicated space for your hobbies?

Their Physicians Hated Them

Check out the footgear on this dude in the painting. Looks very similar to the torture device Bixby has from his doctor (picture below) after all the exercises for his bad ankle failed him. I feel that way about some of the appliances, wraps, exercises, and devices I have been prescribed too. How is aging going for you?

They Loved Family

All joking aside, we had an incredible time learning about ancient and current culture. But the most important thing we did was see our eldest thriving in a situation we could never have imagined her in. This is one time I hope that if nothing changes… nothing changes.

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