A couple years ago I decided to make a T shirt quilt with all of the leftovers from my youth. My sister in law helped me with that project and it was quite an experience for us both. She is so patient and kind. It took a couple years to get over that, but last year I started sewing again.

In January of this year I started Quilters Academy – Freshman Year at Calla Lilly Quilts in Greensboro. The curriculum is based on Harriet Hargrave techniques and it is PRECISE. Normally I love precision, but it was a learning curve for sure! Classes met once a month and were very homework intensive. After the first class I went to the shop EVERY DAY for 3 weeks trying to sort out various issues and learn what I needed. Now those were some patient ladies. I ripped out more seams in those 3 weeks than I had done in my entire life up to that point.

Fabric Quilting

It is nice to have hobbies away from the computer – even if I do seem like an 80-year old woman or like I should live on the banks of Plum Creek. There is something about the feel of the fabric and the visual of all of the colors and patterns that is soothing to the soul – especially after a long day of looking at spreadsheets and such.

What are your soul saving hobbies?