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After my mom died I was in a fog that I could not get out of. I had goals I wanted to accomplish, but it seemed so difficult to not just nap or watch garbage TV all day. I tried journaling but my mind was blank – just numb. I made a to do list each night of the exercise, writing, crafting, and other productive things I wanted to do the following day. The list that would “snap me out of it” or help me at least fake it.

Then the next day the list went directly into the recycle bin.

I was looking for structure to recover from my grief, but the planners I came across seemed harsh and hard driving. Until I found the Renew Planner. This tool is the softer, gentler way I needed to bring me back to life after the numbing pain of the months of grief. 

Renew Planner

The Renew Planner is designed to add structure, mindfulness, and gentle reminders to help you stay on track towards recovery.

The Renew Planner

There are separate sections of the planner that are dedicated to various parts of your planning. A weekly recap, monthly overview, and daily calendar as shown above. I used the weekly calendar snapshot to do a time tracker of how I was spending my days, not necessarily planning them out right now. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • It is beautiful to look at. Something about the color scheme is soothing to me, unlike other planners I considered that seemed too aggressive.
  • It lays flat. This makes it easier to keep open on my desk when I was doing the time tracker recording.
  • It is about more than what I am doing, it is about HOW I am doing. This is important as I am working through grief. I want to make sure I am not stuffing feelings or sitting and wallowing.

This planner can be used for any kind of recovery – addiction, eating disorders, life… A portion of the proceeds goes to organizations providing care and assistance to people in recovery.

Disclaimer – I am friends with the creator of the planner so I did get mine before they were available for sale. However, I paid for my planner. I strongly endorse this product because it is amazing. I may be biased, but I am not a paid endorser.

Second disclaimer – This was before social distancing was a thing.
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Thermacell Lanterns

This post is the first of a new series: Life Savers. It is based on the the Barbara Brown Taylor quote that Jen Hatmaker paraphrases on her podcast. The question is this:

What is saving your life right now?

Barbara Brown Taylor

Yep, such a big, meaty question and the answer is a lantern. But not just ANY lantern, Bob! This lantern gives me HOURS of time in my favorite space with one of my favorite people during my favorite time of the year. Let me explain…

Warm weather is my favorite season. I know that is not a traditional season, but in the South, seasons are untraditional. From April to October in North Carolina I would love to eat all meals outside (even lunch in August when our porch feels like the surface of the sun). I want to read out there. I want to write out there. I want to nap out there. I want to grow my plants and flowers out there. I want to throw the ball for Lucille out there.

… and Lucille wants me to throw the ball for her out there!

But I also love my husband and want to spend a couple minutes of each day with him. But alas, bugs also love him and want to spend *all* the minutes with him. And devour him. So each evening we would shovel our dinner quickly, then he would run inside to avoid bugs. But with this lantern, we can stay out for HOURS. Seriously. I was skeptical and insisted we borrow a friend’s Thermacell first to try it out because it sounded too good to be true. One night we hung out after work on the porch, ate dinner on the porch, forced The Boy to do his homework on the porch, then worked on our individual projects on our laptops on the porch. HOURS of joy!

I don’t really understand how it works, but it really does – even my husband the mosquito magnet agrees. Another bonus is that there is no open flame, no smoky candles. This is important to me because I am clumsy (open flame – yikes) and have asthma (candles and incense – wheeze). We bought refill cartridges when we bought it and replace them every 15-20 hours. And its $30 bucks. It is saving my life right now, making life sustainable.

What barriers are keeping you from doing what you love? Let’s talk about solutions to get you heading towards making life sustainable!

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