Garden is IN!

I am learning as I age that I cannot do it all. Well, at least not in 1 weekend like I used to. This year I made a conscious effort to limit the plant sales I went to and the new treasures I brought home to put in my yard / garden. I started a bunch of seeds inside and that was my main experiment this year. It took about 5 weeks to transition plants from their winter windows to outside for the summer, research, purchase and plant new friends, move old friends to new places in the yard, and change my mind about all of the above choices. But I think we are all set for 2019!

Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Now keep it watered.

garden stuff
End of planting carnage.
Trays and plastic pots that will be stored for next year’s experiments or regifting transplants, watering can that is everywhere during spring and summer, and of course, the seed cemetery.