Episode 11: Unpopular Opinions

This episode is all about unpopular opinions because I’ve got a few. This is kind of exciting because for a long time I did not have opinions at all. Well, I had them after you gave me yours, but overall – I just liked what you liked. If I did have an opinion about what I did not like, but it went counter to what you thought, I stuffed it down. I could not make sense of all of this until therapy and recovery in my 40s. It is simple people pleasing. As I started to loosen my grip on people pleasing and explore what I did like, an interesting thing happened – I identified things I had been acting like I enjoyed for decades. I discovered some of these were unpopular opinions.

My hope for this episode is that by revealing my unpopular opinions, you will hear acceptance of what I like and don’t like, and that this will help you figure out yourself a little bit more. This is how we discover what is truly productive for the REAL us – no sense continuing something long term if it does not serve us or bring us joy.

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