Deeply Odd – Dean Koontz

Rating: 2 stars

Cliff Notes: Nope. Done with this series and maybe Dean Koontz. 

Full Summary: OK, ok – I said before that I was done with Odd Thomas. But Bixby told me this book was the last in the series so I had to find out how Odd dies. Well, my husband is a liar. This is not the last in the series. Unless you are me, then it is the last in the series because I am done with Odd Thomas. I might even be done with Dean Koontz.

Deeply Odd - Dean Koontz

There is some criticism of Dean Koontz for “being too in the weeds.” I am not sure if the weeds thing is how I would describe my frustration. It is more like parts of the book don’t move the book forward and are mind numbingly boring. At one stretch in this book Koontz spent around 50 pages walking Odd around a warehouse. I KNOW WHAT A WAREHOUSE IS, GIVE ME SOME PLOT FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!

Friends, I threw this book. I wanted to wait until Bixby came to bed and throw it at him, but I cannot stay up that late.

Here is an example of a paragraph that I just could have lit on fire and sent out to sea:

From p. 130: “Even in the remote reaches of the Mojave, even on night when two thousand feet of dense elliptical clouds separated the desert from the glowing wonders of the universe, the land gave off at least a dim light, the product of a natural radiation, of minerals in the soil, and of certain vaguely luminous plants. Not here.”

This is 55 words, twisting around into clauses that ramble and end nowhere… to say NOT HERE. What the heck?! No.Thank.You. Sir.
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Odd Apocalypse – Dean Koontz

Rating: 2 stars

Cliff Notes: Omg I should have quit this damn book. I threw this one when I finished it. I may never read another Odd Thomas.

Full Summary: It usually does take a bit to get into the action in an Odd Thomas book, but this was extraordinarily long. Then when the action hit, it was effing time travel!? No thank you. Don’t muck up my Beach Week reading with science fiction. Blergh. I spent 512 pages on this puppy so you better believe I threw it when I was done. I generally don’t believe in book abuse, but when I get tricked into not abandoning stuff like this – BYYYYYEEEE!!!

Dean Koontz Odd Apocalypse
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Odd Interlude – Dean Koontz

Rating: 3 stars

Cliff Notes: Little too sci-fi for me to be super interested.

Full Summary: I wanted to be friends with Odd Thomas after reading the first book of the series. So when I saw a bunch of books in the Odd Thomas series at the book sale, I snatched them up. This book is number 4.5 in the series – yes, 4.5.

Apparently Odd Interlude was originally a 3-part digital series that did not get published. Some speculate that Dean Koontz had a wee bit of writer’s block so he noodled around with these ideas while writing other books, which is why it is 4.5. The 3-part digital series appears to be published in 2013.

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