The Lost Man – Jane Harper

Rating: 3 stars

Cliff Notes: Audiobook read by narrator with Australian accent. Always a treat.

Full Review: I love how Australia is always a character in Jane Harper’s books. I do not love when there is a love story wedged into a family drama – give me a break. Hey Publishers – we don’t always need a love story. If I want a love story, I will sort my TBR to find that genre. I want good old fashioned family dysfunction as my bedtime story, thank you very much.

I also do not love books that magically wrap up in the last little bit of the book. Nathan basically has been frozen out for 10 years then boom – last 5 minutes of the story he reconciles with his mom and brother. Oh and the whole town. This is better than 22-minute sitcom resolution that NBC offers!

I do love a book with a title that could be applicable to more than one person in the story. Is Cameron the Lost Man or is that referring to Nathan in the aftermath of the drama 10 years ago.