A Good List

I love a good list, I am the daughter of two educators, and these phenomena are colliding this week. The result is a list of 7 good things in my life right now (A Good List, if you will), highlighting where they fit into the concepts around Sustainable Productivity. 

I am trying to practice what I preach by whittling out the things that are not working for me and I could not continue lifelong. 

The Good List

1 – Paul, Lucille | Relationships component of Mental Well-being dimension

These two are my ride or die, as the kids say. Loneliness has a greater impact on health than even heart disease which highlights the importance of relationships in our lives. These two bring me lots of joy.

This is the view from the desk in my office. I am not sure how I get work done with all this cuteness around.
Speaking of cuteness! This is a coffee shop close to our house. We stopped after a Sunday morning hike recently.

2 – Books | Hobbies component of Mental Well-being dimension

I had a streak in October where I had 8 books going at once. Most of these were non-fiction and it got to be a little too much. I did a bit of “deck clearing” where I waited until I finished everything to start new books, which is unusual for me. But this change of pace was just what I needed.

3 – Hot yoga | Exercise component of Health and Fitness dimension

Hot yoga at Dancing Dog Yoga in Greensboro is helping me hold off another cortisone shot in my knee. As the weather cools off the heat in the room (95-105 degrees) really helps me stretch safely and the power flow has really increased my strength. Part of my seasonal adjustments to exercise will be to add another day of hot yoga since I am less likely to ride my bike.

4 – Fiber crafts | Hobbies component of Mental Well-being dimension

Makoto Fujimura is an artist who embraces the art as a “slow act of making as sacred work.” This really resonates with me related to fiber crafts that I have been working on lately. It takes a long time to knit a pair of socks – especially to get them right. I made 5 pair of socks over the course of a year, and they gradually improved. There really is not a way to rush it. I can only knit as fast as I am able. And that is enough. And enough is sacred these days. 

5 – Learning | Hobbies component of Mental Well-being dimension

Between trying to grow the Sustainable Sue business and the Conscious Contact podcast, I have spent a lot of time learning new things in recent months. I can almost feel wrinkles forming in my brain – and I love it! There is nothing better than tinkering with ideas and seeing them come to life (see previous comment: I am the daughter of 2 educators). Here are a few highlights:

  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) – this will help me lead more effective online courses and video content
  • Video podcasting – Genay and I launched our video podcast last month
  • Building out the Sustainable Sue YouTube channel – This has been a really interesting combination of creativity, marketing and technical skills. 

6 – Travel | Hobbies component of Mental Well-being dimension

Last week I had to travel for work to the Pacific Northwest. Bixby, my emotional support animal, came with me. We traveled to three cities in 7 days – Portland, Yakima, and Seattle. We ate incredible food, tucked into more than our fair share of coffee and desserts, and saw inspiring views. 

Yakima Canyon
Redmon Memorial Bridge – Yakima, WA
Washington Arboretum – Seattle, WA
Last coffee at our favorite shop – Caffe Vita in Queen Anne area of Seattle

7 – Coming home | Rest component of Environmental Surroundings dimension

While I do love to travel, MAN DO I LOVE TO COME HOME. I love my bed, my office, the Soda Stream machine, and my routines. 

You will see that the list is heavy on the Mental Well-being dimension. This has always been the hardest part of wellness for me. This is usually where I turn first when I am feeling wonky and try to make adjustments. That might not be your first choice, but what is important is that you know where to focus first.

Sustainable You Questions

  1. What is saving your life right now?
  2. How could you share that with others?
  3. List three ways you could get more of that in your life in the coming months.

I would love to hear what is on your Good List. Reply to this message or come find me on Instagram or Facebook.