The Guilty – David Baldacci

Rating: 3 stars

Cliff Notes: Good read for what I am looking for this week. 

Full Summary: Not much to really report here. I liked this book for what it was – a distraction. Things wrapped up sort dippy and Jesus Pete, the body count! But the fact that Will and Jess did not fall into bed at the end (spoiler! #SorryNotSorry) made me happy. Apparently this is a series with the same dude – Will Robie. I liked the strong female in Jess, but she was not a super overcompensating ball buster.

The Guilty Will Robie David Baldacci
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True Blue – David Baldacci

Rating: 3 stars

Cliff Notes: Quick Beach Week read

Full Summary: I liked the sisters and plan to go to Baldacci’s backlist to see if there is a book that covers Mace’s kidnapping, etc. I could have done without about 100 pages of Psycho, Tyler, Razor, etc. I don’t think it would have spoiled the plot at all.

David Baldacci True Blue
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The Fallen – David Baldacci

Rating: 3 stars

Cliff Notes: I really like the Amos Decker character, but I could have used this book to be shorter by about 75 pages and less of a skip off into the sunset.

Full Summary: Not much more to add to the review, really. I don’t need much personality woven into my Amos Decker stories. It was sweet how he connected with Zoe, but it did not change the rating for me. I will continue to read the Memory Man series!

The Fallen David Baldacci
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