Inheritance – Dani Shapiro

Rating: 4 stars

Cliff Notes: I have lots of mixed feelings about this book, but they are all strong. I am not doing 23 and Me anytime soon.

Full Summary: The tag line on this book is “A memoir of genealogy, paternity, and love,” but for me it really struck a nerve about motherhood. As I have mentioned before, there can be all kinds of feelings wrapped up in being a mother. Or not being a mother. Or being a childless step-mother, as it were.

Inheritance Dani Shapiro

I read this book around the same time as some other books that struck a motherhood chord with me. I do not think there are coincidences. I think the universe brings different things to our awareness to learn lessens. Often those lessons are presented different ways or through different mediums. Once something is Brough tot our awareness, it seems to come up everywhere.

What are the recurring lessons or topics that are showing up for you?