Providence – Caroline Kepnes

Rating: 3 stars

Cliff Notes: This was weird. Kind of a blend of sci fi and lost love. Didn’t like it as much as her other book, You (which has been turned into a Netflix series that is GREAT).

Full Summary: Sci fi is just not my jam (unless it is Dark Matter and its 7,495 Jasons, but I digress). I cannot even when it comes to long lost loves that pine for each other through eternity. Puuuhhhleeze. Then you put them TOGETHER?

I was all tucked in and ready for a cozy, weird-boy-kidnapped-by-weirder-dude-then-returns-4-years-later saga. Then it turned into a dumb love story. Blerghhhh. Who has time for that!? And no one every really addressed the fact that there was some science experiment than rando kidnapper did in the basement of the mall. I felt like I was missing several chapters where they explained what the heck happened in that basement. Nope. But it was entertaining enough to keep reading.

Caroline Kepnes Providence