We are entering out fifth consecutive day of rain where I live. Not drizzly, like cute to wear a vest Seattle rain. Deluge. Dumps. Flash foods.

I need the sun. And to be outside not soaking wet. Maybe I am actually solar powered?

Part of recovery is reframing old thought patterns. This worked well for the first few days of rain.

  • “The garden sure needed this rain!”
  • “Saves me from having to do all the watering.”
  • “I guess this is the universe giving me the time off of my bike I didn’t know I needed.”
  • “Lots of time to work on house projects and crafts [Translation: Read Books]!”

I even was embracing this quote I found years ago from Xan Oku:

But now I just want to see sunshine.

Do you ever feel that way? I want what I want when I want it!!!!

When did it get socially unacceptable to throw our bodies on the floor of Target and wail? That is the stage of rain I am in. Luckily my daughter agreed to go buy toilet paper for me this week.

Nope, don’t scroll down looking for the rationale that pulled me out of this skid. This is all I’ve got for you this week. Rain sucks. I am crabby.

Perhaps this will be helpful for someone else. Solidarity that things are not all unicorns and rainbows?

Maybe you have the reframing I need – how do you pull out of a tizzy?

Transparency is important too. Please know that just because I write and podcast does not mean I have it all figured out. They say it is best to write from scars not wounds. I might end up taking this post down, but I wanted to share where I am today.

I am inside watching more rain.