Checking in with a quick summer pep talk this week. I am reading a book that talks about envy and jealousy – you know the light stuff first thing in the morning. Thinking about envy makes me realize how often I want what someone else has.

What I want you to know comes from my experience as a gardener. It is this: If the grass is greener on the other side, it means it is full of shit. 

Shit as fertilizer, and with the wind blowing the right way, you never know that is what makes it so attractive to look at. Not to mention that having that beautiful green grass is choking the life out of the natural world around it. 

This week is the Great Southeast Pollinator Census and I completed a training to participate. I learned so much about non-native grasses destroying the pollinators. 

Does that ever apply to your life? You try so hard to get what looks like the perfect life someone else is showing you. Then when you get it, you realize it stinks like shit and includes nothing that makes life as you know it sustainable. 

Let me close this mini summer pep talk with an inspirational message from The Rock that a friend sent me. Thanks, Jennifer!