Anyone else have 1 of those days lately? And by lately I mean ALL OF 2020?! I have a couple suggestions for you to convert 1 of those days to something more sustainably productive.

Let It Go

Between last Tuesday at noon and Saturday morning, I refreshed my newsfeed approximately a ZILLION times. I was frazzled, distracted, scattered, and more than a little grumpy. I was bemoaning this fact with some friends Saturday morning and heard this message loud and clear: You are not in charge of the outcome, let it go.

When I got off the phone, I hopped on my bike and went for a ride. When I got back a couple hours later, Bixby met me at the garage door to tell me there was a projected winner. Regardless of our politics, at least a decision has been reached and we know what our next steps are.

Sometimes rest looks like riding 35 miles with a 15% grade tossed in for fun.

The unknown is exhausting, frightening, and unsettling. Once you have taken the next right step, let go of the outcome. Literally remove yourself from the scene if you need to.

Convert to a Soft Day

Even if it is not a foggy day filled with mizzle, you can convert any day to a soft day when you need to. How the edges get softened for each of us might be different, but keep reading for ideas that might resonate with you.

A soft day

Soft days for me means extra cups of coffee or tea – restorative, warm drinks. It means a cozy blanket and the softest clothes I can find. Think pajamas while it is still light out. Naps, fiction reads, dim lights, soft sounds… Be gentle on your senses. Be soft on what enters your surroundings. Let good enough be just that.

What about you? How are you doing, truly? What strategies are you deploying lately to deal with 1 of those days?