I know most people hate Mondays. Not me.

From the movie Office Space via SayingImages.com

On Monday I still have the buffer of coming off the weekend. It’s only been 1 day at the office, its all good!

Tuesday though. The wheels fall off for me on Tuesday. All the stored up juju from the weekend is long gone. Yet Friday is f a a a a r away.

If you have been around here for a minute, you know that nature boosts my juju. I am going to start to post a little mood booster on Tuesdays. This is where a physical environment is essential to making a life that is sustainably productive. If I have things in my space that I love and think are beautiful, it reduces stress and increases happiness!

Azalea from our backyard. It is really showing off this year. Not sure what I did wrong in previous years when it did not bloom at all, but it is going gang busters now!