Many of you have asked me about when the next book report is coming out. Or why I stopped posting about what I was reading. Or if I am ok because it is not like me to not read.

I am marking myself safe from non-reading. I have slowed my pace somewhat this fall, but it is nothing terrible. I have felt drawn to check out less into someone else’s creativity and check in more with my own creativity. Let me translate for those less woo woo in the audience. What this practically means is that at the literal end of the day (vs. the corporate “at the end of the day, Bob” that makes me want to barf when I hear it), I do my own creating. I have been working on sewing and sowing. I have been writing and riding. I have been reconnecting with things that put wind in my sails. That is the point of this blog – to look at what makes life sustainable.

Because let’s face it, the daily grind is not sustainable. Not to me. It is like having an itch right in the middle of your back. Or like a stain on the carpet that you pass a zillion times a day but never clean it even though it pulls a thread from your soul when you pass it. I think the phrase is, “Death by 1,000 cuts.”

Oh, I am still reading, but I have taken a step back from posting reviews while I considered what was filling my tank and what was not. I feel like I have done a fairly good job in the last couple years eliminating things that DRAIN my energy. I will save that for another post. But consider Lucille’s new dog pool (stay with me reader, this will match up). I bought a new pool to eliminate the drain of water from her pool. {Those of you more woo woo-inclined should insert here your analogy about water being life sustaining to complete the metaphor.} So we put water in her pool and she has a blast. No drain = plenty of water. Until evaporation takes some. Or until she is having SUCH a good time rolling around in her pool, she takes some of the water out in her fur.

Easy like Sunday morning, folks.

Energy is the same for me, and if I may be so bold reader – for you too. We use up energy throughout the day, not just calories and physical energy. Emotional, spiritual, and creative energy – that is the energy tank I speak of. We will talk about recharging physical energy through sleep another day. This post is about why you haven’t gotten any good book recs lately.

Writing about meh books does not fill my energy tank. I am sure you have noticed that I am more meh about some reviews than others. I have GUSHED about some – I am looking at you City of Girls! That is what I am going to do more of – writing about what makes me gush. Because that gush is sloshing over to fill my tank as well.

This is where it gets a little scary for me because I am going to write about more than books, Lucille, and gardening escapades. Some of you won’t like it. I am hopeful some of you will. And if I may be so bold, I think some of you are looking for something more as well. Something that fills your tank. Or maybe you need to plug the drain first. Maybe you will like what you read about what I am finding to be Sustainable Sue, and you will join in to create a Sustainable YOU.

You will soon see a newsletter and longer posts. I am going to write posts less about meh books and more about meh moments so we can learn from them. I am going to write about evidence-based practices and instinct driven ideas to create more space in my head, in my day, in my literal space.

Here is the audience participation portion of the program. I am going to ask you to play along.

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Let’s learn together to stop getting through the day and start making a day. Let’s create a life that is sustainable and worth sustaining.