Life is about living wide, not just long. We are more than our to do lists, yet we often get bogged down in tasks, chores, and errands. Exhausted at the end of the day, we numb out of the life we claim to love, and can’t figure out why we feel burned out. Using research-based habit change strategies, we will tackle the three dimensions of Sustainable Productivity: Health & Fitness, Mental Well-being, and Environmental Surroundings. By making small adjustments in health, happiness, and habitat, we can work on creating and maintaining a life you don’t need to escape.

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Show Notes

March 20, 2023: How Susan Reads 200 Books a Year – and What This Means for YOUR Hobbies

March 13, 2023: The Biochemistry of Sleep & How It Can Make You More Productive

March 6, 2023: A Non-Goal Consideration for You

Feb 27, 2023: February Reading Round Up

Feb 20, 2023: Meal Planning When You Are Sick of Meal Planning

Feb 17, 2023: What is Sustainable Productivity

Feb 10, 2023: Stress, Evolution, and Burnout