Rating; 3 stars

Cliff Notes: I stayed up late to read this book the first night. Then I got into the love story and threw up in my mouth. Ugh.

Full Summary: Gosh, there was so much potential when I first started this book. And you know what they say about potential – just means you ain’t done it yet.

It started out with tension and kind of scary for a sissy like me. I read about 50 pages the first night as we established the conflict, etc. Then all of a sudden the ball busting strong woman needs a dude to solve the problem. Like a freight train coming down the track, you can see it coming, so I don’t need to call this a spoiler alert – she ends up madly in love with said Man Who Saves the Day. They have so little chemistry that I had to skip the sexy parts because it just did not land with me. OK, it grossed me out.

Secret Sisters - Jayne Ann Krentz