Sometimes the pace of life is just not sustainable for me. I am grumpy and need a time out. I need a nap. I need to be sent to my room to regroup. Basically I need to be treated like a school kid. Since an adult randomly sitting on the stairs in timeout seems strike some people as odd, I have found other ways to make the pace of life sustainable for me and therefore, those around me. This site is dedicated to ways I make life sustainable in hopes that you will find ways that help you deal with the chaos of daily living as well. We recycle, save water, telecommute or carpool and much more to make the environment sustainable. Why not explore ways to make our personal environments more energetically sustainable as well?

Generally I find that things that make life sustainable fall into three categories: physical, mental and environmental. Physical fitness is your personal being – the container that you live in. Sure this is your fitness and nutrition, but it is also fun things like sleep. Mental health covers your time management, relaxation, priorities, emotional health, friends, hobbies and the like. Whatever “puts wind in your sails” as a friend of mine likes to say. Then your environment. Can you find things, are you wasteful, do you surround yourself with things you find useful, meaningful or just flat out love?

Reading is one of my favorite ways to check out of life. I am not locked into hard back, paper back, e-reader or audio… I love them all! I read magazines, books, flyers, cereal boxes… I love them all! I like to talk about books I am currently reading, those I have read in the past, funny stories about reading, what you are reading… I love it all!

Gardening also helps to restore my chi (translation: not be stabby). I am a Master Gardner Legacy who does not seem to have grown into her green thumb yet. But time spent pulling weeds prevents me from pulling my hair out. Digging holes for shrubs, flowers, and veggie plants helps me figure out how to dig out of my own hole. They say good gardeners kill everything at least one. Friends, if that is true, I am going to be a WORLD CLASS GARDENER someday.

Crafting is another one of my jams. Here I am a jack of all trades, master of none. I am average at most things and willing to tackle most projects even though I only have a drop cloth and half the required supplies. I love Pinterest, and have nailed more Pinterest fails than I would care to admit. But time spent crafting is never wasted.

This blog will explore these three areas of physical, mental, and environmental to help us learn from each other about what works and what we learned from to tweak next time. And by tweak next time, I sometime mean throw out and never look back (I am looking at you scary movie marathon!).