The Mental Well-Being Dimension of Sustainable Productivity

Many of us share common barriers to mental well-being: time, money, work, emotions, and relationships. Ironically it can be too little or too much of each of these that causes stress. While we are never going to eliminate stress, we can address what do we do to manage it and its effect on our health.

As many humans as exist in the world, there exists as many combinations of answers to mental health concerns. For most diagnoses, a combination of medication and talk therapy have been proven to be the best practice. I am not trained as a mental health professional in any way. The information provided here is simply to be a resource for conversations about what has worked to help manage the stressors above to bring joy and lightness to my life and to hear what works for others. Some of these ideas might be meditation, learning, or hobbies. The goal is to make the daily grind something not just palatable, but something to look forward to. My intention is to help you create a life you don’t need to escape.

Importance of mental well-being

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