Morning sun on flowers makes me so happy

Yesterday morning I was GRUMPY. Not just wearing the Grumpy Pants, but the whole jumpsuit. I was slamming and stomping around to notify my people that I was grumpy, but no one was responding to me or rushing to my side to soothe me. I grabbed my work bag and turned around to get my water bottle and saw this view. I swear I have never seen the sun come through the window like this. I just loved it, and it was so beautiful I had to grab a pic.

A better housekeeper would not have had a pile of papers on the counter in the background. A better photographer would have framed the photo better – note the Instant Pot lid on the left and the janky paper towels off the roll on the right. Today I am neither a good housekeeper nor good photographer, and that is ok because you know what – neither of those people has this photo and I do. And now so do you. Namaste.

Where can you look for the beauty in the the mundane? What in your daily lives can bring you joy? Don’t sweat the small stuff, but do notice the small stuff.