October is such a beautiful month. I was reminded of that again this year as I spent half in Indiana and half in North Carolina. It truly struck me with awe to see not only the colors of the leaves, but how blue the sky gets and how the particular angle of the sun this time of year hits juuuuust right.

The trees in the above photo are on our daily dog walk. When we are on schedule, the return walk home coincides with the sun coming up across the field to the left. The leaves are stunning, of course the photo barely does it justice.

“Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

Mary Oliver

The above photo is the view from my dad’s back porch in Indiana. I was sitting inside working on my laptop and the sun came through the window with a piercing brightness. I went to look out the window at the sun off the fountain in the middle of the pond and saw this spectacular view.

Luckily with a new puppy we are getting LOTS of time to spend in nature looking at all of this gorgeous scenery. Its good to take time to look around and appreciate what you see around you – even if it is the same thing you pass every day, multiple times per day.

What if you considered the same about yourself? You live in your own mind and body, but what happens when you look back at how far you have come. Sort of like when you feel fat and ugly, then look back at photos from 15 years ago when you felt fat and ugly. All of a sudden more is revealed and you love what you see and remember.

Be in awe of who you are today, how far you have come. And in awe of what more could be revealed.