Do you know Free Little Libraries? If not, you should. If so, come on over and swoon with me.

Free Little Library
This is a Free Little Library we found on a recent vacation. On this vacation I walked an average of 7 miles on my broken down knees and STILL wanted to add extra distance on to hit this puppy.

A Free Little Library is exactly what it sounds like: It is a tiny place to obtain reading material at no cost. As a person who does not keep books except for the rare unicorn of a read, I often feel guilty about what to do with books I purchase once I am done reading them. My mom, sister, and I swap books every time we get together, but if they have already read them or it is a book that comes to me last, it is up to me to find it a new home.

Voila! A new home for the book I bought at the airport Read and Return when we were leaving for this trip.

Every time I drop a book off I SWEAR I am not going to pick one up. I have stacks of books to read and have the holds maxed out on my library card and Bixby’s library card – so I try to leave these free books for others to enjoy. Then I say, “Ohhhhh, let me just take a look at what they have…”

…and boom – I pick out a new book.