The Environmental Surroundings Dimension of Sustainable Productivity

Making a sustainable, healthy environment is not just about recycling and composting. It is about setting up the physical space you spend your time in to reflect the person that you are. That does not need to be as woo woo as it sounds. It is about letting your space work with you and reflect who you are, whether that means you are a collector of beloved cat figurines or a minimalist. For me bringing the outside world of nature to my indoor spaces is important. Equally important is having decor organized in a way that leaves plenty of “white space.” And don’t forget your digital world. Our gadgets give us vast amounts of storage. Email inboxes and shared drives, incoming messages of all types and origins, and outgoing content may or not be as meaningful as you want it to be.

Look around – is the space you are in now reflecting who you are? Who you want to be? Who you want the world to see?

Physical Environment

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