Episode 7: How Susan Reads 200 Books a Year – and What This Means for YOUR Hobbies

In this episode Susan shares how she reads about 200 books each year. Although books might not be your thing, the suggestions she shares about different ways she fits reading into her schedule during different seasons of life might work for your hobby of choice. Listen to learn some tools and tricks that might help you find more time to read, craft, exercise, sing, or whatever brings you joy.

Listen at the link below or search “Sustainable Productivity Susan Sanders” wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • To hear more book talk from Susan, check out Episode 4: February Reading Roundup
  • If you feel like you don’t have time for hobbies, listen to Episode 5 to hear how Susan found out how much time she was really spending on her phone
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Episode 6: The Biochemistry of Sleep & How It Can Make You More Productive

What does biochemistry have to do with sleep? What if I told you that it is linked to a more Sustainably Productivity life? On this week’s episode you can learn about what is happening in our bodies when we conk out, why shift workers are more prone to obesity, and why cravings for fat and salt happen more often when you are sleep deprived than when you are rested. The episode wraps up with a few tips that might help you get more zzzzzzz’s tonight!

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Episode 5: A Non-Goal Consideration for You

Let’s talk about a non-goal for a second. People are surprised to learn that Susan doesn’t track phone usage. Getting rid of your phone is often one of the first strategies articles about productivity offer.  We are bombarded with messages that we need to change just about everything about our lives in order to become a better person, starting with detaching our phone from our lives. This episode is about how Susan came to that decision and why it may or may not be a Sustainably Productive goal for you too.

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February Reading Round Up

This episode is about one of Susan’s favorite things in the world – books! Reading is one of Susan’s favorite hobbies, and hobbies are a component of the Mental Well-being dimension of Sustainable Productivity. On average, Susan reads about 15-20 books a month, but the recap provided in the episode is limited to the books that stood out because just running down every book each month would be the audio equivalent of watching paint dry.

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  • You can see the complete list of books Susan has read on Goodreads, linked here.
  • Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved by Kate Bowler can be purchased at this link.
  • Seatmate by Cara Bastone is an Audible exclusive available at this link.
  • God is Closer Than You Think by John Ortberg can be purchased at this link.
  • This is Marketing by Seth Godin can be purchased at this link.
  • In the Wild Light by Jeff Zentner was the favorite book I read this month and it can be purchased at this link.
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Meal Planning Strategies for When You are Sick of Meal Planning

This episode is for those who are tired of carrying the meal planning load. When you can’t even believe your people need to eat AGAIN and you just want to pretend dinner is not a thing, hit play on this episode. You will hear about four strategies that are working for Susan right now to make tedious meal planning a little more sustainable. At the end there are three bonus ideas about how to use the three dimensions of Sustainable Productivity to set Future You up for success. 

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What is Sustainable Productivity?

Sustainable Productivity can be the answer to burnout and its soul sucking after effects. In this introduction to the burnout recovery principles, listeners will hear what Sustainable Productivity is NOT. Then Susan introduces two key questions to ask in order to make habit changes for short and long term habit change that sticks. Floating through life aimlessly can reduce your quality of life just as much as striving all out all the time. It is time to meet in the middle and Sustainable Productivity is that sweet spot.

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Stress, Evolution, and Burnout

Stress has always been a part of our lives – since the beginning of time. How we have handled it has changed, leading us to the breaking point we live in today. The pace of life is no longer sustainable and we are avoiding addressing the elephant in the living room – our response to the pressure. Stressors will never go away, the problem is in how we manage it. In this episode you will learn about how stress affected our ancestors and how it affects us today then you can learn a few tips and tricks for coping with stressors that will inevitably come into our lives.

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