Books are at the core of what makes Sustainable Sue who she is. Averaging 200 books per year provides a great opportunity to explore all kinds of genres, but titles in the productivity genre are a particular favorite – mostly because that is where her book will be shelved.

Someday. This is not a book launch announcement.

Of all of the productivity books that Susan consumed (reads, underlines, highlights, flags pages, saves the whole reference section, connects with the authors, etc), a few titles stuck out that are reviewed in this episode. Three specific titles will be reviewed, along with a couple highlights from each book and a discussion of how they relate to the ideas of Sustainable Productivity.

Here is what you can expect to hear on the episode:

  1. One title that is an oldie, but goodie
  2. A second title published in the middle of the pandemic
  3. A sneak peek of a new productivity book that will be published at the end of December

Listen at the link below or search for “Sustainable Productivity with Susan Sanders” everywhere podcasts are available.

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