Basically this whole episode is an SPM – a Sustainable Productivity Moment. We have spent a couple weeks talking about change and transitions. Learn what people, places, products and things are helping Susan create a sustainably productive life. The goal is to highlight small things or adjustments that create a life we don’t feel like running away from. While each Sustainable Productivity Moment may seem small, together they create powerful change.

Here is what you can expect in this episode:

  1. Why it is important to identify what is making life sustainable and productive – in any season.
  2. Three major things helping Susan survive thrive this fall – one in each Sustainable Productivity (SusPro) dimension.
  3. Rapid fire round of small things helping to move the SusPro needle forward.

Listen at the link below or search for “Sustainable Productivity with Susan Sanders” everywhere podcasts are available.

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Links mentioned in this episode of the Sustainable Productivity podcast:

  • Listen to Episode 31: Sustainable Sue Takes a Sabbatical at this link

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