Rest is so important that it is a component of all three dimensions of Sustainable Productivity. In this episode Susan highlights the work from Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith in her book Sacred Rest and expands it to apply to Health and Fitness, Mental Well-being, and Environmental Surroundings.

Let’s be clear: rest is not sleep. Rest is an active or passive activity you participate in so you can recharge and restore. Consider this quote by an anonymous source:

“When I am resting because my body is weak, I need to remember that I’m not wasting the day doing nothing. I am doing exactly what I need to do. I’m recovering.”

Think of rest as more of a “timeout,” rather than a “go home.”

Here is what you can expect in today’s episode:

  1. Why rest is a component of each of the Sustainable Productivity dimensions.
  2. Signs and symptoms of a rest deficit.
  3. Suggestions for adjustments to reduce this deficit.

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